EMAX GT2205/33 1260kv brushless outrunner motor

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EMAX GT2205/33 1260kv brushless outrunner motor


This is one of the new Grand Turbo series brushless motors from Emax. The open faced bell and stator mount on this motor allows it to be one of the lightest, coolest running motors in its class. This motor has a built in "prop saver" propeller mount and cannot be used with conventional prop adapters. A pair of o-rings and cap screws are included. The motor leads are flexible and are sheathed in soft silicone. The ball bearings are NMB from japan. 


KV: 1260

Diameter: 28.5mm

Length: 21.5mm

Shaft: 3mm

Weight: 23g

Prop: 8x4 8x4.3

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