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A very slow flier that loves to fly in small indoor areas or outdoors when winds are light. This model requires a moderate level of building experience to complete. It's docile flying characteristics make it great to learn how to fly with or simply enjoy a nice lazy flying airplane. Can be flown in rooms as small as 30' x 30'.
Part Number: BM326605
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Feature: Wingspan: 24"
Feature: Length : 15”
Feature: Weight ready to fly: 1.3 ounces (37 grams)


Download instructions here: instructions.pdf

Made entirely in the USA

Wing span : 20.5

Length : 15”

Wing area : 111 sq/in.

Weight ready to fly: 1.3 ounces (37 grams)

Wing loading : 1.69 oz./sqft

Kit comes with the following parts:

  • one left wing 3mm foam

  • one right wing 3mm foam

  • one fuselage 6mm foam

  • one elevator 2mm foam

  • one rudder 2mm foam

  • one horizontal stabilizer 2mm foam

  • one vertical stabilizer 2mm foam

  • two composite control horns

  • two .024 music wire pushrods with z-bends

  • assembly instructions 

Kit requires the following items for completion:
  • 2 - 5 gram motor with appropriate propeller

  • Radio transmitter and micro receiver

  • Battery 200mah single cell lipo 20c

  • Two sub-micro 1.7gram sevos

  • One micro 3 amp speed control

  • Glue

  • Double sided foam tape

  • Battery charger

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