Welcome to the Buzzard Models website! Buzzard Models is dedicated to providing quality mini and micro aircraft kits and components to our customers. We started selling kits and components through eBay in 2010, and continue that today. In 2019 we created a dedicated website and increased our manufacturing capacity. Our kits are manufactured and supported right here in the USA. Whenever possible, we source our raw materials, parts, and components domestically. 

Buzzard Models was started by Ryan Underwood. Here is an account of his history in model aviation.

Hello! I have been selling many different model aviation products through Ebay since 2010. I recently decided to step things up a notch with my business and knew that a website was needed. It has been quite the adventure! I have been interested and active in model aviation for as long as I can remember. I have always been a designer/builder and have designed and scratch built over 200 model aircraft. 

I really got my start when I was stuck home with strep throat, and a friendly neighbor delivered a kit to my house to give me something to do. It was a Sig Uncle Sam rubber powered stick and tissue model. Needless to say I felt much better. 

My dad had an old Testors Spirit of '76 control line model on a shelf with a motor that was shot, so I saved up my lawn-mowing money and bought a Cox Blackwidow .049 to power it. I built and flew probably a dozen 1/2a control line models.

My uncle Bob was into RC, he gave me an old World AM radio and a great big stack of old model airplane magazines, that was a really big boost to my model aviation hobby. The first RC plane I built was a Honker Rocket that I built by redrawing it from the thumbnail plans in a RCModeler magazine. It flew successfully, even though I had never witnessed a RC plane fly before. I built many 1/2a RC planes after that one. 

As I turned into a teen, the time I devoted to RC planes dwindled, I got married, had 5 kids, and the hobby was shelved for many years. I picked it up again thanks to a new local hobby shop opening up, and the purchase of a GWS beaver. 

As my children aged and I started to have more free time, I expanded the hobby to include DLG's and glow planes. 

I built a puddle shark, and that really got me into small park-flyers made from depron, and influenced many of my own designs after.

Next of course was to build a CNC router from scratch. And then I decided to start selling kits. My local RC club was fortunate enough to find a gymnasium to allow us to fly in the winter, and I have really gotten into indoor planes now.

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