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A very slow flier that loves to fly in indoor areas or outdoors when winds are light. This model requires a moderate level of building experience to complete. It's docile flying characteristics make it great to learn how to fly with or simply enjoy a nice lazy flying airplane. When the control throws are set moderately it is an excellent trainer for new pilots. When the throws are set to the max it will provide hours of flying fun for the experienced pilot. The depron construction makes it very durable and will survive plenty of crashes, and it's easy to repair. It has plenty of power with the recommended power system. The kit consists of cnc cut parts that require gluing together and optional painting. NO COVERING REQUIRED!
Part Number: BM326602
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Feature: Wing span : 25"
Feature: Length : 21”
Feature: Weight ready to fly: 3.7 ounces (105 grams)

Aeronkish by Buzzard Models


Made in the USA 

Wing span : 25"

Length : 21”

AUW: 3.7 ounces (105 grams)

Kit comes with the following parts:

  • CNC  cut 3mm foam fuselage, wings and empennage.

  • CNC cut .100" birch plywood parts

  • .063" music wire landing gear

  • 65mm lightweight wheels with push on retainers

  • two composite control horns

  • two music wire pushrods with z-bends for connecting to servos and control horns.

  • assembly instructions

We highly recommend our own specially designed power combo for this kit: 10gram Power Combo
It features a powerful 10gram motor with prop saver, prop, 6amp ESC, and two 3.7gram analog servos. It is a true plug and play system, no soldering or installing plugs.

If you opt to find your own components, or have gear already, here are our guidelines:
  • 2000kv 10gram micro brushless outrunner motor with prop saver

  • 6 - 12amp electronic speed controller

  • Two 3.7 gram micro servos with standard jr style connectors

Other items that you will need to complete this kit:
  • Transmitter
  • 8 gram micro receiver 
  • Battery 300mah 2s 7.4volt lipo 20c (max weight 27grams)

  • 7 x 4.1 prop

  • Glue

  • Battery charger

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